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A.vontura and the T.Y.M.E machine

You don't need a time machine to explore other eras, but... time travel is undoubtedly cool! A fantastic invention has been created in Ari Vontura's secret laboratory: you can travel through time by simply wearing special headphones. But does the device function as intended? Along with the children, Ari journeys back to the future and forward to the past. Where in time would you like to travel?



Together with Arie Vontura we go around the world to give our planet a helping hand.  With the gi-ga-green team we will defeat the plastic monster. We're planting trees so you can see the forest again and learn how to transform like caterpillars!  Grr…een! is a musical quiz, visual adventure and an interactive theater performance in one.

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Dear Lieven

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a book really came to life? With the help of invisible Fantasy Reality helmets and special headphones, Lieve Lieven takes you to worlds you never thought possible. Open the book, step into the fantasy, and experience the reading adventure in which everyone is the protagonist. It is an adventure about friendship from A to Z.

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Villa Vontura

Arie, from Villa Vontura, invites you for a tour of his wonderful villa. His house is also your house. Together, we discover how things that seem normal to one person can be very strange to another. What are your habits at home? This performance is part of Children's Book Week 2023


Danny the Reading Champion:
Help! A surprise!

Imagine if you could actually step into the story being read. In 'Danny the Reading Champion: Help! A surprise!' exactly that happens. Daan takes you to the universe behind the words, on a wonderful journey full of surprises, cheerful music and enchanting sounds.

Help! A surprise! is based on the Picture Book of the Year of the same name by Miriam Bos (Publisher Lemniscaat). The performance is specially made for the National Reading Days 2024.

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New show based on a theme

A.vontura SDT regularly creates new shows that tie in with a festival theme. Inquire about the possibilities.  

Colorful Bubbles

The Big Game Show

Have you ever dreamed of actually getting into your favorite video game? Put on those headphones, kick your imagination into high gear and press start, because that day has finally come.

Welcome to 'The Big Game Show'. Together we discover hidden bonus levels, shatter records and amaze even the strongest bosses. We experience adventures in the most fantastic games from then and now. Of course there will be funny challenges, but one thing is certain: the ultimate winner of this game... that is you.

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Fantasy animal

Fantasy animals are rare these days, but we can all do something about it. We venture into the woods in search of your own invented animal species. Watch out, there it is! How many legs does it have, or does it have wings? What kind of shiny rainbow fur do you see, or are those pointy quills? We study these enchanting animals to discover what they truly need. Let's lend a hand to the fantasy animal forest together.

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Wonder job

When nothing stands in the way of making your ultimate dream job a reality, what would you choose then? Daan will arrange it for you, that miracle job. Put on your headphones and become a unicorn trainer or the president of the moon! Congratulations on your new wonder job!

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Wonder Winterland

Welcome to a Wonder Winterland full of stories.


We open the door for the girl with the matchsticks, turn on the freezer for the snowman and do something funny with Scrooge. Watch out, there's an oliebol flying! Master storyteller Arie Vontura takes you through well-known and lesser-known winter stories from the past and present! Wearing headphones, we dive into an adventure full of sparkling music, heart-warming gifts and a guaranteed banging ending.

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Almost to the Bridge

“Almost to the Bridge” is a theater concept specially designed for children from groups 7 and 8, who will soon be faced with a big change: the transition to secondary school.

With this interactive silent disco radio show, the children are trained in an exciting way to become resilient first graders in an hour. DJ Daan gets the children moving with tips, tricks, interviews, music, quizzes and commercials that provoke conversations. Of course, serious topics are also discussed, such as what we look forward to when we go to a new school, what we are afraid of, what our dreams are for the future and what wonderful memories we take with us from primary school.

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