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A.vontura Silent Disco Theater has been creating plays for young audiences for over ten years. staging performances that incorporate music, storytelling, and interactive theater. The wireless headphones, music, soundscapes, and enthusiastic directions by Ari Vontura provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Everyone participates


During the A.vontura Silent Disco Theater performances, the fantasy is literally brought to life. All of the children participate in the performance. Ari Vontura's enthusiastic instructions, music, and soundscapes draw everyone into the Silent Disco Theater bubble.



The thirty-minute shows can be performed practically anywhere. In a theater, between the bookcases of a library, in a gym, or outside under the trees. Even at locations where there are no electrical outlets available. 

learn while playing

learn while playing

The performances of A.vontura Silent Disco Theater engage children in entertaining discussions about important topics such as: What is friendship? What do you see yourself doing when you're older? What is time? What is language? How can we save the world?


From what age are the performances?

Most shows are made for children from 5 years old, but often children who are a little younger participate as well. 

How many children can participate?

Usually there are about 35 people per show. In consultation, that can also be more. 


The performances are also accessible to children with disabilities. While the show requires involvement from anyone who can, it is also possible to enjoy the show sitting down. For children who are deaf, it may be necessary to bring a deaf interpreter. It is advisable to contact us in advance so that everyone can be taken into account as much as possible.

How often can the show be played?

The shows, which last approximately 30 minutes each, can be played up to 3 or 4 times a day. Sometimes even in different locations. 

What technology is needed? 

All technology is provided by A.vontura Silent Disco Theater. All it takes is a power point and a table to put the headphones on. 

What kind of places are suitable?

Gyms, libraries, lawns, squares, open spaces, festivals, theatres, foyers etc

How much does an A.vontura Silent Disco Theater show cost?

Please contact us for prices and possiblities. 

In which languages are the performances available?

The shows are made in Dutch, but we are currently working on translations into English and German.

Can A.vontura Silent Disco Theater also match a theme?

Yes, in some cases the shows are specially made for a series of performances.

Are lesson packs available? 

Yes, these are available for various performances and can also be developed on request in consultation with a teacher.

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